workshops that WORK!


Build a brand. Build a business. build a life.

The point of workshops are to have a concentrated and intense discussion on a particular topic, right? Is that it? Aren’t you are supposed to get some-hands on or actionable material? How many workshops have you been to where that didn’t happen? How many times have you gone to a workshop where some one talked AT you, and espoused their “expertise”, but you left feeling like you wish you could have those minutes back in your life?

There are two definitions of workshops; one has to do with the meeting that is topic-based and intensive, the other is a place where something is made or manufactured. Why can’t it be both? In my opinion a workshop should, I don’t know, include WORK. You should be working toward a product (result). You should be building something. A new product, a new department, a new culture, a new you; it is all possible given the right environment.

Momentology Media workshops come in many different packages. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits all solution, and that the best solutions come from the people experiencing the challenges. The reason people hold or attend workshops is because they want SOMETHING to change about an aspect of their life, career or business. Sometimes they think they know what, but don’t know how, and sometimes it hurts to much to think, so they want someone to just give them something GREAT. We can help. Whether you need a beacon, a spotlight or a torch, we show you how to find the light. The funny thing is we don’t ask you what you want, we give you what you show us you need.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they’d have said “faster horses”.

- Henry Ford