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Find Your Ikigai (Purpose)

pro bono mentoring/non profit advising

I am a serial projectpreneur. I always seek to serve and to solve. While Income is one of the 5 I’s (more here) that I use to govern my decisions, it is not the only one. I believe in service. I truly believe that seeking to serve in your highest capacity is the point of being human, but I digress.

If you have a pet project or a burning passion to do good in the realm of women’s empowerment - COUNT ME IN! Maybe you are unsure of how to start, what you rally want to do, or what you really want. Maybe you have a great idea, have gotten some traction but need connections or courage to move to the next level.

On a very LIMITED basis, I provide FREE mentoring and advising services to individuals and non-profits who share my love for impacting women’s lives in positive ways. Click below to apply for one of the spots (I support as many as I can). Be a beacon, be a spotlight or be a torch, it’s all up to you! Just shine!