The Momentology Method

If you want to live a momentous life, where every moment has meaning, and the thoughts you think and the things you do matter...try the Momentology Method.

Things themselves don’t hurt or hinder is our attitudes and reactions that give us trouble.
— The Art of Living, Epictetus

There are three foundational components of the momentology method; awareness, gratitude and expectancy. Each requires one to understand, apply and master additional concepts to become a practicing momentologist.


Awareness is the first step to fully practicing and winning with the Momentology Method. Once you feel like there is something you don’t know, and you desire to know more, it has begun. There are several stages to awareness. There is an awakening, that calls you to challenge or reveal your beliefs, and requires faith to maintain those beliefs.


Gratitude is the second pillar and the underpinning to having all that makes you a success. It is in the deliberate acknowledgement and thanksgiving for all that you already have that you begin to see the world for what it really is.


Expectance comes from knowing. What you focus on expands. You get in life what you think most about. If you fill your moments with worry, doubt and fear, you will receive the strife you dream up for yourself. Expect greatness. Expect to win.

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