Malaika Simmons, MSHE, PMP

I am co-author of the bestselling "The Success Blueprint" with Brian Tracy, co-author of Entrepreneurial Elevation, creator of The Momentology Method®, and CEO of Momentology Media, LLC. I developed an intentional framework for living called The Momentology Method®. Momentology is the study and practice of operating in the now, succeeding with what you have RIGHT NOW in this moment. Through the principles of Momentology, I help ambitious women gain insights and develop ACTIONABLE steps to achieve a successful personal brand and become the person they dream about.

For the past twenty years, I have been helping people. Period. My life has been in service to others. Through The Momentology Method, I discovered how to find my why (purpose), take who I am (passion) and make it what I do (profit).

With a background in communications, psychology, health education and a love for neuroscience, I have a thorough understanding of why we want what we want, why we don’t get it and I know what it takes to translate a client’s needs into a client’s success.

Whether you’re looking to speak up, level up or start up, I can help you find your voice, build confidence and the skills and time you already have (and where to find it if you don’t). You can achieve great things, you can lead a momentous life, and I can show you how…

With Gratitude Always,

Malaika Simmons

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