Life is a series of moments...what will you do with yours?

Here’s the deal. You CAN achieve great things. You CAN live a momentous life. Today. No more waiting for the degree, the raise, the retirement, or the weather to change. Easy? No. Possible? YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Whether you are on a mission, leading a movement, or fixing your corner of the world, there are many ways to succeed, but the only one way to fail is to quit. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Just start. Let’s talk today!


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As a result of working with me one on one my clients are empowered to (1) get clarity on why they are who they are (2) develop courage to acknowledge and claim what they want (3) gain an understanding of what it takes to get it (4) develop the confidence to go after it and put the world on notice (5) are empowered with the conviction to exceed any goal they set for themselves and truly feel like the successful World Changers they used to dream of being.

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Momentous Life

What does it mean to lead a momentous life? It’s a life full of purpose, full of meaning where the thoughts you think, and the things you do matter. I journal. I’m a little obsessed with it. That’s where it all comes together. The dreams, the plans, the strategies. Get them out of your head. Sometimes it helps to read before you write. See the words and then go do the thing!

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Keynotes, Conferences, and Panels, Oh My!

Does your team need a boost? Do you need someone to help your organization engage, motivate, inspire your audience?

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Momentology Manifesto

If you want to live a momentous life, where every moment has meaning, and the thoughts you think and the things you do matter...try the Momentology Method.

Franchise Your Life

Malaika gives you insights and actionable steps to achieving a successful personal brand. Learn the 3 things you must do to reinforce your personal brand every day. There’s only one of you in the world, so you already have a unique product!

The Balancing Act

Learn what you can to do add a little brilliance to your busy to achieve that ever sought-after balance, and why it may not look or feel like you'd expect.

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The Momentology Method is like Mindfulness for the rest of us, as it provides actionable, practical approaches that you can start right away. So while you can do yoga (not a bad idea), and affirmations (I highly suggest it), you don’t have to in order to see success in your daily life.

Additional topics: Motivation, Leadership, Intellectual Growth, Personal Branding, Empowering Women, Eradicating Social Disparities, Building Confidence, Finding Balance, Performing Under Stress, Living Your Best Life Now


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I help individuals learn how to challenge their assumptions, move past their limiting beliefs, and leverage their greatness for greater performance, profit, and prestige. It’s pretty simple really. Dream. Document. Do. Repeat.


Some people brace for impact; I strive for it.

— Malaika Simmons

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Once you see that a momentous life is POSSIBLE for you, you will be UNSTOPPABLE. You already are, you just don’t know it yet!